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Bishop's Castle, Shropshire
Michaelmas Fair


We'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining us. Have a chat with any of the committee, who are Keith Whiddon (Chair), Liz Still, Clare Russell, Gerry Barwell, Rosa James, Jane & Steve Bradbury, Julie Bailey, Vicky Robson, Bernard Edwards or John Lucas or you can email on info@michaelmasfair.co.uk or via our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelmasFairBishopsCastle

The following list of jobs need doing to make the Fair run smoothly, if you donít want to be involved in organizing then why not help out on one of these tasks:





Distribute Fliers

There are 30 places to deliver fliers to.



Put out the 40 signs advertising the Fair on the roads leading to and from Bishops Castle (and then collecting them in again after the fair)

16th Sept ?

Lantern Workshop

Help out making lanterns

16th Sept

Hang out Flags

There are 120 flags to be put on poles and then put into their brackets on the front of houses

18th Sept

Deliver letters

Deliver letters to all residents of High Street, Church Street Market Square about the road closures.

20th & 24th Sept 

Collect Cones and signs

Shropshire Council kindly lend us yellow cones and road signs to manage the traffic and parking round town.  This is several van loads which needs collecting from Craven Arms and Shrewsbury and then taking back on the Monday after the fair.

21st Sept

Flypost Cars

Put letters on cars regards parking restrictions

21st Sept

Lay out the car park

Putting in posts, running in safety fencing etc round the playing field

21st Sept

Put up signs to car park

Put up direction signs to the car park

21st Sept

Set up the Market Square

Put up the Marquee in the square

21st Sept

Put Out Cones

400 cones need putting out

22nd sept

Set up Stalls

Help set up the stalls between 8 and 9am

22nd Sept


Greet the vintage car drivers and get them parked up safely in the street

22nd Sept

Man the barriers

Direct traffic around the closed roads

22nd Sept

Sell Tickets


22nd Sept

Take photographs

We need good photographs for next years advertising

22nd Sept

Steward the Lanterns

Shake collection buckets and carry fire blankets

23rd Sept

Collect Cones

Collect up 400 cones

23rd Sept

Clear Up

Take everything down

25th Sept

Take down the Flags